Kathleen San Diego

Kathleen San Diego

Clinical Sales Manager

Kathleen is the Senior Sales Manager in the robotic surgery unit and serves on its clinical sales team in South East Asia.

She has a degree in Nursing and worked as a Nurse for 8 years before she landed an opportunity to move to a commercial space. Her first commercial experience is in 2014 as a Product Specialist for robotic surgery and slowly progressed to Senior Product Specialist and Product Manager roles which bring almost 8 years of experience to her current role.

Her dedication and passion for innovation and continuous learning reflects what she brings to work and how she treats her colleagues. She was nominated for Kevin Ryan Leadership Award in the 2021 Sales and Marketing Excellence Awards at Device Technologies which motivated her to be better in her craft.

Kindness, generosity, compassion and gratefulness are Kathleen’s everyday mantra be it at work or at home. She finds it helpful to maintain this outlook in dealing with difficult situations, building and maintaining good relationships with her customers and colleagues and overtime it proves her to easily overcome the challenges that she faced all throughout her career.

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