MMM Group


MMM Group stands for exceptional products, highly efficient processes, and outstanding results. In doing so, they offer customers true added value. MMM Group have been ISO 9001 certified since 1994. They not only meet the requirements on paper, but live and breathe quality through intensive monitoring and optimisation of processes and workflows, through efficient fault management and by means of a product and performance inspection which goes above and beyond the basic statutory requirements. 

The importance of reprocessing reusable medical devices for hospitals and healthcare facilities has increased in recent years. As an experienced partner for the planning and implementation of holistic solutions for the AEMP, the MMM Group have established itself as one of the global market leaders and know-how carriers. 

Their high-quality and innovative devices and solutions for instrument reprocessing were developed to meet the highest standards and are manufactured in Germany with great care and passion with the “Made in Germany” seal of quality. 


Sustainable action and accepting their corporate responsibility is the central principle of MMM Group and the basis for the continued successful development of the company. “MMM: Protecting human health.” This guiding principle means more than just protecting patients. MMM protect people by upholding their human rights, respecting nature and its resources, and through the fair and dependable treatment of their partners and employees. Protecting human health: You can rest assured that the MMM employees at their subsidiaries and locations will strictly comply with the applicable laws in the countries of their customers and suppliers.


MMM Group offers a quality range of products with configurable technology not previously seen in the Australian and Asia market. Designed with ‘up-time’ in mind, MMM Group technology is reliable and offers a complete range of products and services relating to all aspects of cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation for the fields of Healthcare & Life Sciences. 

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