About JAM-Labs

JAM-Labs provide end-to-end solutions for operating room integration needs. Including turnkey solutions and support to meet the simplest to complex integration needs.

As a team of innovators, JAM-Labs defy distractions and offer solutions. Creative, outside-the-box thinkers are a vital component of every great innovation team. After all, innovation is a creative process, first and foremost. 

Operating Rooms continue to grow in complexity as new devices and improved workflows are being designed every day. JAM-Labs believe that the surgical staff should be focused on the patient and the ongoing procedure, and not be distracted by technology.


JAM-Labs is committed to providing high quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. The focus on quality begins at the earliest stage of product design and carries through to the end user. 

JAM-Labs believe that all surgical procedures worldwide should be performed in an improved environment with high quality equipment. 


Device Technologies is proud to partner with JAM-Labs to bring digital operating room solutions which prioritise patient safety, surgical quality and affordability to the Australian, New Zealand and Asian market.