Device Technologies, registered as DTG Medical, has been operating in the Philippines since June 2021. Our Philippines office is located in Bonafacio Global City, in the city of Taguig, on the western shores of Laguna de Bay in Metro Manila. We are committed to supporting our Philippines customers by introducing innovative medical technologies that deliver excellent patient outcomes.


Device Technologies is a company known for introducing world leading technologies to its markets.

In Philippines, we have partnered with Intuitive, the most advanced robotic-assisted surgery solution. The da Vinci Xi surgical system is designed to keep you at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery, allowing seamless integration with your current OR and the expandability to accommodate the integration of fluorescence imaging, advanced instrumentation and skills simulation.

Neauvia is a scientifically-based medical aesthetics company that produces a range of dermal fillers, aesthetic devices and skincare. NEAUVIA’s mission is to empower people to proactively, holistically & effectively take control of the ageing process.

We also partner with Oligo Medic to introduce JointRep to our Asian markets. JointRep is a second generation chitosan-based arthroscopically-delivered bioscaffold that is designed to be used in conjunction with a bone marrow stimulation procedure, with published clinical data demonstrating improved functional outcomes compared to microfracture-alone.

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Device Technologies works hard to source and supply the highest calibre of medical supplies from producers across the globe.